Cruisin Central Ave in Yonkers New York

Car speakers pounding freestyle or hair band music (Bon Jovi) while racing down the strip, Guidos yelling “flirtatious” remarks at Guidettes, fights breaking out, motors revving and horns honking. That was a typical weekend summer night in the 80’s on Central Avenue in Yonkers New York. People came from miles around, Yonkers, Connecticut, Bronx, Upstate NY, Long Island, NJ, Queens, Manhattan, and all throughout Westchester County to just “Cruise Central”. It was truly amazing how well known it was.

The hottest cars on the strip where the Ford Mustang LX/GT, Pontiac Trans AM, Buick Grand National, Chevy Camaro IROHulaLounge IROCC Z, Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds, Thunderbird Turbo, and the Monte Carlo SS. Of course, not everyone had the hottest car. No matter what you drove it was washed and waxed, heavy Armor All on the tires, bandanna tied on the rear view, with 5-star rims shining.

Before the night started guys and girls hit the gym. It was impossible to get HulaLoungeArnoldnear a bench or a curls bar. Guys worked out chest, biceps and abs only. You could always get near a squat rack. Legs were out of the question just in case you had to do the running man or bust a move. Arnold Schwarzenegger was idolized by many and his posters were on gym walls. Body building was big and so were a lot of the guys. Gyms were packed with “juicers” (guys on steroids). Staying in shape was part of life. Girls were on the Nautilus machines and stair steppers toning up for the beach. Let’s not forget hanging out on Jones beach field 4 in Long Island and the Hamptons but that’s another story.

The styles.. oh the styles. What were we thinking?

  • Leather jackets
  • Gold chains with a body builder or Christ head pendant
  • Z Cavaricci pants
  • Sergio Tacchini, Fila, and Gucci track suit
  • Black or white Nike Reebok Classics, aka “Soldiers” or “Dope Boys” tongues out!
  • L.A. gear sneakers
  • Jams shorts
  • Members only jackets
  • Zubaz bright crazy pattern baggy workout pants
  • Baggy pants and ripped jeansHula80sHair
  • Acid wash
  • Fanny packs
  • Mullet haircut
  • Jordache jeans
  • Girls hair, oh the hair, Hot-Rollered to new heights and widths, teased and spayed BIG or side ponytails
  • Guys combed back hair
  • Scrunchies
  • Miniskirts
  • Spandex
  • Muscle t-Shirts and tanktops
  • Frankie says relax t-shirts
  • Rat tails
  • Glam rock headbands

To finish the night everyone met at the diner. I’ll have a cheese fries with gravy and a cheese burger deluxe please. Maybe a milk shake but I don’t want to each too much. Ha! It was also the last chance to “get the digits” and talk about night events and the plan for the rest of the weekend. Where are we going tomorrow night Metro 700, Sprats on the Water, Limelight, Webster Hall, Palladium, or Studio 54?

Check out the videos on YouTube. Central Ave Yonkers 1987 Part 1
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